Little Things I’ve Discovered In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


Breath of the Wild is a truly exceptional game and the level of detail is outstanding. Every delay was well worth it. This game truly feels like a labor of love.

I’m about 35-40 hours into The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I’m still discovering so much about this version of Hyrule. Most nights I spend hours just wandering around looking for Korok seeds. There’s no way I’ll ever find all 900 seeds, but if I can hit 441 I’ll be happy. Right now I’m at about 30 so I’ve got a long way to go before I can max out my inventory slots.

Like Korok seeds I’m constantly looking for new small details that others might have missed. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

  • Kill an animal in either a very hot or very cold climate and be treated to meat that has already been cooked or chilled opposed to raw meat.
  • Old Rusted Guardians can be moved. I totally missed this. Blow them up, use Statis, or experiment with each one. Some of them have been known to move.
  • You can ride undead skeleton horses.  I found one on the top left of the map at nighttime. I tried mounting it at a stable but the poor guy was worried my creepy horse was going eat the other horses.
  • Always spend some time befriending dogs (this applies in real life as well) and they may lead you to buried treasure chests.
  • Being friendly to your horse goes along way as well. Feed it carrots before riding to give it more dash charges.
  • Flameblades turn cut down trees into campfire not stacks of wood
  • I thought I was just super blem, but the “Game Over” text changes based upon how you die.


  • You can ride a motherfucking bear!
  • Always shoot metal boxes with electric arrows. You’ll take out bad guys real quick.
  • Don’t throw boomerangs at Lizalfos. They will throw them right back at you.
  • Trying sneaking onto a hand of sleeping Hinox. You’ll be able to loot their treasure from around their neck without having to fight them. If you think you might wake one, be sure to cut the trees down around it first.
  • Stasis works on pressure plates. You can also use Stasis on an object you are standing on to be launched into the air.
  • Don’t let Brigo catch you standing on the side the bridge or he will break out into song, “WISH YOU WOULD STEP BACK FROM THAT LEDGE MY FRIEND”. Third Eye Blind anyone? He doesn’t actually but he does talk you down from suicide.
  • Sure you could drag a metal box around in Shrines, or try using your metal weapons. WINK.
  • You can customize your horse and saddle if you happen to find the right attendant.
  • Setting grass on fire creates an updraft which will help you fly higher.
  • I’m not sure why or how but you can drop and detonate bombs while parasailing.
  • I wouldn’t advise using bomb arrows in either the rain or extremely hot places. They will either fizzle out or explode.
  • Posters show recipes for unique foods. When is the official Breath of the Wild cooking book being released?
  • Cook during Blood Moons. It seems to create super-strong foods.

  • Roll a snowball down a hill for laughs and for damage if down right
  • If you need a good laugh, take off Link’s clothes and go talk to villagers. The NPC’s are highly intuitive and will actively change dialogue depending on what is happening in the game. Just like real humans, they also complain about the weather.
  • Rain ruins everything really. Don’t go climbing mountains when it’s raining or try starting campfires unless you’re covered.
  • Korok leafs aren’t needed to power a raft. You can actually combine Magnesis and a metal weapon. Mind blown yet? Actually, if you want to skip this all together use Cryonis and just hop across.
  • If you’re having trouble finding a Shrine, look up into the sky. Birds should be flying overhead.
  • Throwing a rusty weapon at an Octoroks will reward you with a new, shinier weapon.
  • You can rely on fast-travelling at any time. Even if you are moments away from death. I tend to think this is cheating and don’t like to use it.
  • Cutting grass actually reveals secrets, but it seems to take a while to discover anything.
  • Climb a waterfall by using Cryonis.
  • Cut the legs off Guardians and they won’t be able to move. This makes fighting them way easier.

What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or the comments below.

By the way, I LOVE THIS GAME.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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