Lenovo’s Star Wars: Jedi Challenges from a Padawan’s Perspective


Are you ready to become a bedroom Jedi?

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to try out the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges by Lenovo and Out There with Melissa DeMarco in Toronto. For me, it was exciting seeing consumer based AR products up close as I’ve been interested in the Hololens and Google Glass for some time. Though with the former, I’d rather play Lego Worlds more times than Minecraft, the Hololens is closer to what we should expect from AR, but Lenovo is not to be overlooked. With only 11 months to produce a Star Wars journey that Disney would love, Lenovo rose above technical roadblocks to bring Star Wars to life on a mobile platform that shows almost the same level of innovation as Sega’s Star Wars The Arcade Game and Namco’s Star Wars Battle Pod experiences from back in the day.

Of course, I am also a Star Wars fan and carry the Force with in me so I was excited to don the headset and lightsaber. The experience itself was controlled by a Lenovo Mirage AR headset, a tracking beacon and of course, the trusty lightsaber. I believe it was green when I picked it up. You know, still trying to figure out the Force and all. My opponent, in a mode called “Lightsaber Battles”, was Darth Maul, the fallen warrior from the ranks of the Sith. This wasn’t Ray Park’s rendition by any means, but he did possess a challenge. The controls were accessible enough for any Jedi master, Mandalorian bounty hunter, or Canteen frequenter to pick up. The light guidance on the headset helped guide the strikes. Sometimes, I got a little carried away and lost in all the excitement. That’s how fun “Lightsaber Battles” can get.

There were two other modes to choose from:

 Strategic Combat – which allows players to take part in famous Star War’s battles. From the Clone Wars to Hoth, players can undergo Starcraft level fights while commanding units to protect certain points.

Holochess – R2D2 and Chewy made this game look good in A New Hope. I wasn’t able to try this mode out myself, but it certainly looked promising.

One of the WOW features of this experience was the ability to watch the action even if you weren’t using the device. The Mirage allowed spectators to see what a Jedi was seeing without the use of glasses.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is out now, retailing at $199 CDN. With more content on the way from Lenovo to support the Mirage, an awesome AR experience may be a bit closer than a galaxy far, far, away.

Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly

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