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LEGO Dimensions Batman Movie Story is a fun but flawed companion to the LEGO Batman movie and will tide you over until it hits Blu-Ray later this year. Excalibur Batman, on the other hand, is a must have for your LEGO Dimension’s collection.

For today’s review, I reviewed both the LEGO Dimensions: The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack and LEGO Dimensions Excalibur Batman & Bionic Steed Fun Pack.

The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack allows players to play through the movie across six levels, infused with the standard LEGO humor we’ve come to expect. Surprisingly, it’s not all that faithful to the actual movie and loses some of the movies charm.

The story pack comes equipped with Robin and Batgirl who make for absolutely terrific pieces. I’d buy both of these separately just to have them. Every time I look down at Robin I have to chuckle. He looks ridiculously cute. I’d take a 5-foot statue of him if you got any laying around LEGO. Also included is the Batwing which is also a nice addition. I love that the vehicles can be assembled in various ways and the Batwing is no exception.

There is also a new Dimensions portal included which is the Bat-Computer and it’s a tad dull. I’d have loved to see Batman’s Mansion or Cave opposed to just a simple computer. It’s also far easier to build and didn’t take longer than 20 minutes. It’s certainly a downgrade when compared to both the Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beast’s pack.

The portal does bring some new additions into the game including the fantastic Phase keystone. This allows you to bring in props and characters from other dimensions to help you solve the puzzles. There also the addition of Batman’s Detective Mode, which makes you move your LEGO dude from plate to plate on the portal. It’s not the most exciting of feature but I appreciate the fresh approach. It’s also a reminder I need a better setup for my Portals as it’s a pain to stand up and move every few minutes.

The game captures the look and feel of the movie but the whole story is often jarring. It leaves out some pivotal moments, and fans that haven’t seen the movie will be quite lost. There are some additional scenes and new bits of dialogue thrown in that are quite funny and I do appreciate the fact you do get something new from the game but it often feels like a remixed version of the movie that has mashed together scenes randomly.

Neither Robin or Batgirl can fly, but they do bring some interesting powers to the table. Robin has the ability to breath underwater while Batgirl can see footprints and track soundwaves and smells. She also has a glide ability.

Robin is a really fun character to play with, and I can see myself bringing him into future LEGO Dimension’s game. The way he uses his butt to attack and his awkward waddle is hilarious. The only thing about his character that bugs me is the fact that Michael Cera wasn’t around to provide voicework. Michael, I see you wandering around Kensington Market with coffee all the time, why aren’t you here?!

I also noticed a large number of glitches and platforming problems while playing through the game. Most of the LEGO Dimensions games have bugs, but they seem to be even more noticeable here. There are a few jumping parts that nearly made me throw my controller across the room. Long loading times also don’t help.

I’m a tad disappointed in the actual levels and think Travellers Tales missed the mark with this. If you’re going base your game on a LEGO property I would expect more. The mini figures are really good though, and fans of the movie should have a great time with the game as long as you can get past the bugs and disjointed storyline.

The Story Pack might not have lived up to my expectations but the Excalibur Batman Fun Pack is awesome! The LEGO Batman minifig is one of the best I’ve seen.

Batman shares a couple of abilities with the standard LEGO Batman such as the use of the Batarang, grapple ability, and master build but he’s also has a few extra tricks up his sleeve.

His rather large sword can be used to cut through vines and he has super strength. Not only that but he can use stealth to sneak around and deflect fricken laser beams. He’s pretty much one of the best characters you can use. He’s a total boss and he has every right to be. He’s a robotic knight Batman.

Also included in the pack is Batman’s noble steed. He looks stunning and is super poseable. Of course the steed can be mounted to ride in the game and has the ability to super jump and can ram into bad guys. It also has two additional unlockable configurations which look interesting but are lacking in any real skills.

The fun pack provides additional bonuses in-game, an extra character for the LEGO Batman Movie storyline, that doesn’t feel shoehorned in which is nice. It also gives you access to the Gotham City open-world hub that has plenty of side missions.

Both Batman and the steed are brilliant additions to the LEGO Dimensions family and they are must haves. There’s really nothing disappointing about this Fun Pack at all. It’s awesome and I highly suggest seeking it out. If you’re a Batfan you’re going want this fun pack!





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