LEGO City Undercover is Getting A Re-Release


One of my favorite LEGO games, LEGO City Undercover has received a new trailer highlighting that the game’s PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch ports are coming this spring.

Previously a Wii U exclusive released in 2013, LEGO City Undercover was a very different LEGO game. Unlike many of the other LEGO video games, Lego City Undercover is based on an original story where players take control of an undercover police officer named Chase McCain to bring criminals to justice.

Finding copies of LEGO City Undercover was both hard to find and quite costly. I’m excited for more people to get their hands on the game and it will be interesting to see what LEGO means when they say both “remastered” and “re-released”. It’s unclear whether the new versions will be straight ports or if improvements and additional content will be added.

Be sure to keep this on your radar come spring.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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