Late Shift Review

Late Shift

FMV games in recent memory have been few and far between, and offer a unique style of storytelling and gameplay which can be hit and miss.  The newest addition to this collection is Wales Interactive’s Late Shift, a crime thriller that puts you in control of *name* as he attends a shift at work that inevitably is anything but normal!

Unlike the last outing for Wales Interactive(The Bunker, 2016) Late Shift is much more akin to a choose your own adventure than an explorative adventure game.  You will watch in essence an hour and a half movie where you will make choices for the main character in the form of responses or actions.

Each of these is timed and can lead to you feeling pressure with every step you take, but this also adds weight to your choices where you are forced to use your gut instinct to the crazy/dangerous situations you find yourself in.


There are several endings to the game depending on your choices and although it will take 7-10 hours to see all these ending, the game does feel short and it is almost difficult to justify the $10 entry.

But, even being a shorter experience, you will find some value here. The plot is generally good and easy to follow but sometimes the choices you are forced to make both seem unrealistic and can lead to your immersion being broken.

In a world where you only see a few FMV games a year, Late Shift is going to give you what you are looking for, but it never manages to elevate itself from being just OK and, unless you are a diehard FMV fan, I can’t recommend buying at the current price for entry.

Publisher: Wales Interactive

Developer: CtrlMovie

Platform: Reviewed on PS4

Availability: Out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and iOS

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