Last Year Is The Horror Game We Need Next Year

Last Year Horror Game

Last Year is a first-person game where five people play as terrified high school kids, and one person gets to play as the villain in an old horror movie, hunting them down one-by-one.

The game is set on October 31, 1996. Member 1996? Spice Girl’s “Wannabe” was number 1 in the US of A, Independence Day was the top film of the year, Tupac was gunned down, and a small company called Google started indexing the web.

Last Year looks similar to Dead by Deadlight, the upcoming Friday the 13th game, and GTA V’s seasonal Slasher mode. I love horror games so the more the merrier. Sign me up, I’m all in on this!

Check out the new gameplay trailer below:

Check out their Kickstarter from last year that got back for more info.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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