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Earlier this year as I was packing to go to E3 I was faced with a dilemma. Should I bring my old trusty Macbook Pro or take a Windows computer. *GASP*. My friends in their marketing and ad agencies would be appalled. But my Macbook has seen better days and I wanted a machine to game on. Now most gaming machines are heavy beasts and aren’t exactly easy to lug around. I wouldn’t dream of bringing my older ASUS on an adventure with me, I’m sorry boo. So I needed something that was lightweight yet a powerful enough that I could play Overwatch and Dark Souls on while streaming to Twitch. That holy grail of a computer is the Asus ROG Stric GL502 and I’m in love.

Its catchphrase is “Compact and Potent” and that’s exactly what it is. The ROG Stric Gl502 packs the latest 6th gen Intel processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics in compact and lightweight design. Strix GL502 enables users to enjoy high-end gaming from anywhere. I didn’t end up at E3 due to a family emergency but ended up living off it for a few weeks out west. I gamed the shit out of it. I remote played my PS4 back in Toronto. I experienced ups and downs in Overwatch (seriously, can someone play as Tracer) and I tried to not cry while playing Dark Souls 3. Everything about this little machine was slick as hell.

You’ll experience unmatched performance with ROG Strix GL502’s 6th-generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, which is combined with a discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics with full Microsoft DirectX 12 support.

This latest hardware gives you efficient, powerful performance for heavy gaming or productive multitasking such as live streaming and video editing. I had Adobe Premiere installed and saw no lag when exporting footage and cutting and chopping my UnBrocxings. I’m sure I made an UnBrocxing for this computer but I think it got lost on an SD card somewhere in Vancouver. If you find it enjoy all my videos of my pug Sid Vicious. I’d suggest playing the videos in slow motion for extra laughs.

With a profile measuring just 30.1mm and tipping the scales at a lightweight 2.3kg, ROG Strix GL502 has an ultra-portable design that fits snugly in a messenger bag or backpack. I tested gaming out on this everywhere I went. At Pearson airport waiting for my flight, at cafes, on my mom’s incredibly slow internet, and down on the beach. It works like a charm and it didn’t overheat and burn a hole in my pants at any point during testing.

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That’s because of the Hyper Cool Duo-Copper cooling system that uses heat pipes and a dual fan system to cool the CPU and GPU independently. This design maximizes cooling efficiency to give ROG Strix GL502 the stability required for intense gaming marathons.

ROG Strix GL502 utilizes a 15-inch panel with a super-fast wide-view panel to give you wide 178° viewing angles so there’s no color shift even when you’re viewing it from extreme positions. I caught my mom peering over my shoulder to see what I was looking at periodically. Thankfully we didn’t have any awkward scenes you’d see in a bad rom-com starring Jesse Metalcafe.

ROG Strix GL502’s NVIDIA G-SYNC™ display technology eliminates the lag and frame rate stutter you usually encounter with V-Sync. NVIDIA G-SYNC synchronizes the display’s refresh rate with the GPU. This reduces lag, minimizes frame rate stutter, and eliminates visual tearing — all without affecting system performance. What you do get is incredibly smooth and stunning gameplay.

The reversible USB Type-C port gives you easier device connections and hyper-fast 10Gbps data transfer speeds via USB 3.1 Gen 2. Transferring a 2GB movie file takes less than 2 seconds to complete!

You can even hook up ROG Strix GL502 to a larger display via mini DisplayPort for an even more immersive gaming experience.

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ROG Strix GL502 is fitted with up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, the latest standard in memory. Benefit from the improved speed, capacity, and lower power consumption of the newest generation to really boost your gaming experience. That’s twice the ram of my Macbook Pro. That’s 4 times the amount of ram as the brand new Macbook Pro. Seriously, 8 gigs of ram?! In 2016… Apple what were you thinking. I digress.

ROG Strix GL502 has a specially-designed chiclet gaming keyboard with red-backlit scissor-switch keys that offer you 1.6mm of travel distance for tactile keystrokes. It also features highlighted WASD keys so you know where your hands need to be. This is one of my favorite keyboards I’ve ever laid hands on. It was extremely comfortable and very fluid.

I like the fact that the array microphones built in are designed to filter out ambient noise, which means that even if you’re at a LAN party or some other loud environment, your voice is still clearly heard. “MOM, I swear to god I’m not at a party. I’m studying at the Library!!!”

Finally, the built-in speakers are positioned so that you can make the most out of your audible gaming experience. I didn’t find them all that loud and opted for headphones. But that’s only a small complaint.

I could stroke the ego of the ROG Strix GL502 all day long.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t dive into the ROG Gaming Center but it supposed to greatly improves your gaming experience.  I must have missed it with all the other bells and whistles. This integrated control center gives you access to all the functions you need – find system information, set up hotkeys for faster in-game commands, adjust audio settings, or record gameplay from a single dashboard.

In addition, ASUS GameFirst III technology optimizes network traffic for faster, lag-free online gaming. Its intuitive interface lets you choose between four preset package priority modes (Optimization, Game, Media Streaming, and File Sharing) via its intuitive interface.

TL;DR. This is the gaming machine for you if you want a beastly machine that you can carry around on your back without fear of breaking it. ASUS has always been my go to in terms of powerful machines that are well worth the money you spend on them and the ROG GL502VS is no exception. It’s a wonderful machine and it breaks from the mold of black and red and comes in orange. Neato! Treat yourself over the holidays to this bad boy or tell your loved ones you really really want to play The Witcher 3 and promise them you’ll still spend plenty of time with them you beautiful liar you.

Happy gaming.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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