Krillin and Piccolo Make The Dragon Ball FighterZ cut!


The Dragon Ball FighterZ hype train looks as though it is not slowing down at any rate. The Evolution Las Vegas 2017 Tournament is over, and Arc Systems brought out their little game-that-could for gamers to play. As reported before, this game isn’t even running at its’ full 100% percent, yet it seems to be a hit regardless of the fact. It just got more real than it did last week.

Two series mainstays, in the Dragon Ball franchise, just got their green light to enter the fight. Piccolo, the enemy-turned-rival of Goku’s before Vegeta made an appearance, and Goku’s longtime training pal, Krillin, are new additions. According to scans and Bandai Namco’s official verbiage:


“Piccolo is considered to be one of the most technical characters with his expandable arm to grab his opponents. He has various ways to break the opponent’s guard and he can also fire fast and powerful beams. Players can charge up for a stronger attack by long-pressing the button. To create a huge blow, Piccolo can use his ability to release Ki blast from afar or for an effective strike, players can even connect it with a combo move!


Krillin doesn’t have that much reach and power but easily compensates with several different techniques such as the Kamehameha to fight a long-range game. He can also skillfully confuse his opponents by leaving an image of himself before turning into an attack. Furthermore, players have the choice to use the famous Senzu Bean. Fans will also be delighted to know that his signature and blockable attack is also included in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Both characters are no real match for the Saiyans or even the bad guy aliens, but with Piccolo’s Namekian abilities and of course, EVIL LASER BEAM: he might stand a chance to cut through his opponents. Krillin looks as though he also is bringing the pain of the Destructo Disc along with him. This extends the roster to 9, including fan favorite and Freiza-killer, Future Trunks. As to who else will be joining, my money’s on Baddrock, Broli, Nappa, Androids 16, 17, and 18, with Berus as a final boss. One can only hope and/or scour the globe, for 7 lucky Dragon Balls and wish for Ark Sys to include this. I nearly said Super Baby, but as a lot of DBZ fans will cry out: GT doesn’t matter.

Dragon Ball Fighters Z is making its’ beta debut sometime this year with a multi-platform release due in 2018.

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