Jazz Jackrabbit Lives On

jazz jackrabbit

Do you remember Jazz Jackrabbit?!

Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 are now available for purchase on GOG.com, which means you can play these classic games on any PC!

Jazz Jackrabbit was one of the very first games I ever bought. I had saved up enough money from couch cushions at the tender age of 4 and found it at my neighbor’s garage sale. I picked it up alongside NHL 94 for next to nothing and went on to play this game for years.

The game is tight, the graphics are great, and the soundtrack was done by Alexander Brandon, known for his compositions in Unreal and Deus Ex. Jazz was the mascot for platformers on PC in the 90s. It’s a must buy!

I’d love to see Jazz come back, but I’d hope he would get treated better than the recently released Bubsy disaster.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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