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LAS VEGAS, :  Bill Gates of Microsoft (R) speaks with World Wrestling Federation star "The Rock" after Gates unveiled the new Xbox video game console at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 06 January 2001. "The Rock" will be featured in a video game when the Xbox launches in the fall of 2001.      AFP PHOTO/Jeff Christensen (Photo credit should read JEFF CHRISTENSEN/AFP/Getty Images)

I found myself on eBay tonight trying to track down a Hentai Woody after being ripped off trying to order one a few months ago when I decided to do a little research. You see, with original Xbox games soon to be playable on the Xbox One I thought I should order myself some OG titles in preparation. You know why? Cause they are dirt cheap at the moment but that’s not going last long. Fans are going snatch up those classic titles quickly and I doubt Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, the rarest Xbox game in the North American region is going be the most expensive OG Xbox game on eBay anymore.

I love physical discs. I just picked up an OG working Xbox a few ago with a ton of games like JSRF and Fuzion Frenzy and it’s bringing me back to my childhood when I was just a dumb little kid who got rid of all his games.

We don’t know what games are going be available yet other than Crimson Skies which is going for the low price of around $3 bucks. That’s less than the cost of our subway in Toronto. It’s a safe bet that most OG Xbox games that were available on the Xbox 360 digital store will work on the Xbox One so why not pick up a copy of Fable for under $9 dollars or Brute Force for around $5 bucks.

OR why not just buy a huge lot of games for $150 bones. Not a bad collection that includes Splinter Cell, Sudeki, Fable and 47 other games.

Of course, you can wait for a digital sale but don’t you wish you had those sweet early 2000’s cases?

Microsoft’s Albert Penello shared on Twitter that, “Your original Xbox discs will work. Digital licenses will carry over. AND you can system-link play across all three generations.” SO BUY UP KIDS.

The closer we get to release the more expensive these games are going get and if you’re looking for a list of the best OG Xbox games of all time, the Brockstar has you covered.

Just look at the price of Knights of the Old Republic already!

If you want to be safe, I’d stick away from games that might have copyright issues. Most third-party developers did not sign exclusive rights, as well as the amount of time and resources needed to make these titles run on a more advanced console like the Xbox One will be tough.

However games that gain backward compatibility on the Xbox One will run much better says, Phil Spencer.

I can’t wait to take to the sky and shoot down planes in Crimson Skies this fall.

Also Microsoft, I’m still not over the fact that The Rock didn’t announce the Xbox Scorpio or the OG Xbox backward compatibility news at E3. UGGGGGHHHHHH.


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