Gone Home, NBA 2K16 Headline PlayStation Plus Lineup For June

Quit your whining Playstationers, because some awesome games are coming to Playstation Plus in June. The last few months haven’t been overly exciting, and message boards have been full of bitching and complaining but this month’s “Free” game dump should certainly quite down the trolls.

Playstation 4 users get:

Gone Home

NBA 2k16

For those unfamiliar with the NBA it’s sorta like Rocket League, except with people instead of cars, and an unusually small ball. Not sure if this basketball thing will really take off but if you like Quidditch you will probably dig it.

On the other hand, “Gone Home” is a fantastic short game that you must play. It’s very atmospheric with a highly engaging story. No reason to not hit purchase on it.

Playstation 3:

Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12)


Ps Vita:

God of War: Chain of Olympus

Little Deviants

I think it’s about time I pick up a PS Vita just for the free games alone. I haven’t played either but they look most excellent.

Let me know on Twitter which one’s you’ll be playing!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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