Gift The Code Hackathon Comes To Toronto This Fall

 Capital One Canada, with the support of Hackworks, are hosting a Gift The Code Hackathon on Friday, October 21st, 2016 till Sunday, October 23, 2016, hosted by tech guru Marc Saltzman. With just 40 hours, 100 participants will have to brainstorm, build and submit technology solutions to address specific digital challenges faced by six Toronto-based charities.

These charities include:

  • Prosper Canada – A national charity dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for Canadians living in poverty through program and policy innovation. A champion for financial empowerment, the organization works with governments, businesses and community groups to develop and promote financial policies, programs, and resources that transform lives and foster prosperity for all Canadians.
  • Second Harvest – Second Harvest is the largest food rescue program in Canada. Since 1985, Second Harvest has been picking up donated, surplus food, which would otherwise go to waste, and delivering that food to community agencies in Toronto.
  • Women’s Habitat – An organization that provides shelter and support services to women and their children who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, financial and/or spiritual violence.
  • Toronto PFlag – A volunteer-run, registered charitable organization. Through support, education and advocacy, Toronto PFlag works to create a more accepting society for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and their families, friends and allies.
  • Holland Bloorview – Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital focused on improving the lives of kids with disabilities. It is a global leader in applied research, teaching, and learning, and client- and family-centred care.
  • Blake Boultbee – A community-based outreach service providing counseling, therapy and life skills training to high-risk youth and families in low-income areas of east Toronto.

Hackathons are a whole lot of fun to watch but you might be wondering what they are. My mom would certainly be confused.

“A hackathon, a hacker neologism, is an event when programmers meet to do collaborative computer programming.” – Wikipedia

Hackathons provide a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology. People with technical backgrounds come together, form teams around a problem or idea, and collaboratively code a unique solution from scratch — these generally take shape in the form of websites, mobile apps, and robots.

Smaller charities face an enormous challenge with respect to advanced technology solutions,” said Nathalie Clark, Managing Vice President, Capital One Canada. “Through this Hackathon, we are taking meaningful action to help our charity partners bridge the digital divide and continue to expand and grow into the future.”

TL;DR Hackathon = people come together and use technology to transform ideas into reality.

“The word hackathon is a portmanteau of the words hack and marathon, where hack is used in the sense of playful, exploratory programming, not its alternate meaning as a reference to computer crime.” – Wikipedia

Marathon is a word I’d never use unless I was at an all you can eat Taco buffet.

I’m excited to see what these teams of 4 to 6 experts come up with and to learn more about the Gift the Code Hackathon or to participate, visit:

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