Gift The Code’s Hack Day is Helping #UseDigitalForGood

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This post is in partnership with Capital One Canada.

With 2017 winding down let’s take a look back at Capital One’s Gift The Code Hackathon.

This is part 3 of a 3 part series. See Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

Earlier this month, Implementation Winners from Capital One’s annual #GiftTheCode Hackathon met in Toronto for Hack Day to officially hand off their tech-solutions to Charity Partners. All #GiftTheCode participants were invited to ensure the hand-off was smooth and successful. This one-day event was an excellent wrap-up for participants to hear first-hand how their solutions will help solve specific digital challenges faced by six local Toronto-based charities. Winning teams were able to work with charity partners to brief them on the solutions they developed and how they would best be implemented.

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By sharing their solutions with the charities involved, these coders are truly using digital for good to help bridge the divide that many of our local charities face. Charities that participated in #GiftTheCode are as follows:

The 519

Autism Ontario

CEE – Centre For Young Black Professionals


Kids Help Phone


I was a judge in deciding the winning implementation team for Kids Help Phone and am very excited knowing that it will help connect counselors internally and encourage them through the use of gamification. All code created during Gift the Code Hackathon is open-source and available online at to give other charities the chance to leverage these solutions and work towards bridging their own digital divide.

Teams need a variety of key members with different areas of expertise to make it all come together; so if you have an idea, start thinking about how you can make it a reality. There’s plenty of free resources online to learn how to code and if coding isn’t your thing, why not try project management or design?

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Without the support of Toronto’s amazing tech community and Capital One, Gift the Code wouldn’t be possible. Participants skipped out on sleep and gave up their weekend to help charity partners solve specific digital challenges. Capital One’s #GiftTheCode hackathon is a truly amazing and inspiring event and I can’t wait to see how we continue to use digital for good in the years to come.

Time to get brainstorming on an idea that would provide better tech and innovation for charities and I hope to see you in 2018!

If you’re interested in learning more about Gift The Code visit their website here (

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