Games I’d Like To See On The Mini SNES

The cat’s out the bag. Rumor has it we will be getting a Super Nintendo Mini this fall. Nintendo has remained quiet on the rumors but it’s only a matter of time before it actually happens. We’ll probably see the obvious games make the cut, but for myself, I have a list that might deem worthy of chatter.


Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World:

Sure, you can give your friends hell in Mario Maker. That’s fun, but the original 4 games from NES, updated to 16 bit? Yes, I did say original 4. Lost Levels is also in this round, but even the rest by itself is gold. A definite want for any Mario fan. A must for the Mini SNES. With Super Mario World as icing on the cake, you’ve got a great Mario representative.

Super Street Fighter II:

We’re finally at Street Fighter’s 5th chapter after like 30 years. Even after the Ultra double dip, adding two “evil” characters, I’d want Capcom to gift the fans with this one. It was one of the better CPS-2 ports of the game. It did better justice than Alpha 2’s descent onto the system and would render a suitable candidate. It’s an obvious choice. Especially for its’ 4 newcomers, who went on to making impacts to the game’s story. The Mini SNES needs a fighter. This is going to be it.

Star Fox:

This was innovation at its’ core for Nintendo. Star Fox is to SNES what Daytona 500 was to Sega. If this was Super Famicom, sure: Star Fox 2 would be here because it’s the superior, yet if we’re going with only SNES releases, we need the original. You got the Super FX chip powering the fold while the rail shooter added personality through the choice of bipedal animals. It was a start.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Link had a great showing here. Personally, I’d go with Link’s Awakening, but … this is the SNES we’re talking about. Let’s go vanilla. Two worlds with Link looking more cartoony than ever in 16 bit? Can’t ignore that detail. Link gains an interesting arsenal. The master sword’s full power swing is ever so pretty. A Link To The Past cemented a standard for the Zelda rescuer. Another winner on the list.

Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen:

There isn’t much in terms of real-time strategy on the SNES. Quest created a hybrid between that and a standard RPG which was no slouch in its’ wake. There’s a challenging stint to it as your army is split into squads who face off for battle. This is a definite need before its’ PlayStation twin simply because of its’ unusual step.

Super Mario RPG

Mario and Luigi may have the Intelligent Systems backing, but Squaresoft was on its’ way to grandeur when it brought its’ RPG charm to Mario. With standout characters, an epic truce, and Peach actually kicking some ass, it’s hard to not root for this title to make it. If only I can get Geno to really come out to play on Smash.


Kirby Super Star Saga

The pink hero needs a spot on the Mini SNES. Firing back powers at his enemies, Super Star Saga brought out the first game’s remake and 7 other fun exploits. HAL milked Kirby here. Being a Nintendo protagonist, Kirby has to be a part of this roster. He really doesn’t “suck”.

Secret of Mana:

Seiken Densetstu 2. Then again, the 2 SNES games did wonders on me. God Beasts at the end, who can kick your ass, action based RPG, and a decent amount of legroom to run around. Secret of Mana 3 is definitely a better game because of its’ paths and multiple character outcomes, yet after the Switch announcement: maybe we’ll see an English adaptation. Still, the original SNES game suffices enough. Each both hold a decent story.

Final Fantasy VI:

Nearly every Final Fantasy is getting remade these days and at a near decent move. All except for one of the better roster positions. VI held an amazing cast, an iconic villain, and a well-paced narrative. It was nearly as dark as its’ successor. It doesn’t get any better than this. It would be a shame if this wasn’t a member of the SNES temporary resurrection.


Chrono Trigger:

Obviously, this had to be mentioned. Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yuji HoriiAkira Toriyama, Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu – legends of the RPG game forming the Megazord of SNES titles. You can’t get more extreme than this one. It’s hard not to. Time Travel, Dragon Ball Z-esque artwork, and a well-crafted experience. This is definitely a top notch title. Sure, Persona 5 has 2017, but Chrono Trigger had the world since ’95 and the RPG hall of fame.

Honorable Mention

Front Mission:

I own this one and its’ 3rd and 4th iteration, but as a kid, I recalled the sheer evil of final bosses because of this game. Two mech clad world powers go head-to-head to claim ownership of a single island. Front Mission had some hallmarks from Square baked into a near future plot. Many would claim Shining Force or Bahamut Lagoon as the mothers of Turn Based Strategy RPGs, yet Front Mission struck a cord with me.

What do you think? What do you want to see on the rumored Mini Snes? Tweet me @thedollaryen.

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