We The Gamercast 83: We Make A Whole Ton Of Wacky Xbox E3 Predictions


Whenever Sean Capri asks me to appear on the GamerCast I instantly say yes but that still doesn’t stop him from sending me a nude of himself playing Captain Toad for extra incentive.

So thank you, Sean, for the photos and the chance to be on the show again. On episode 83 I’m joined by my Game Moose cast sidekick Ryan Turford, and Growing up Gaming’s Mitch Power. Now, I’ve been following Mitch for what seems like forever but that dick didn’t follow me until 3/4 of the way through the show when I called him out. I’m watching you Mitch!

Anyways, what I”m trying to say is we make some bold E3 Xbox predictions that involve the Rock, a portable oven, wrestling and so much more. My mom gives it two thumbs up and so should you!

Listen now! And let me know your own Xbox predictions on Twitter @brockmclaughlin.

We The GamerCast Episode 83: Xbox 2017 E3 Predictions with Mitch Power, Brock McLaughlin, and Ryan Turford

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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