Every Easter Egg, Callback & Sight Gag You Missed In Season 4 of BoJack Horseman

bojack horseman easter eggs

I’m back with every Easter Egg, Callback and Sight Gag you may have missed in Season 4 of BoJack Horseman!!


Just like “Naomi Watts” I wanted to do something light and fun to distract me from the deep well sadness that is my life so take it easy on me when I miss something! BoJack is one of the most existential shows of all time and over the last few days I’ve poured over every frame looking for easter eggs, callbacks, sight gags and more. I could go on for days but here are a few notable secrets that you might have missed.

The first easter egg comes courtesy of the intro. The opening theme for each episode contains tons of hidden clues at what’s to come and a number of callbacks. It’s a bit ironic that clues would be hidden here as back in March Netflix decided to let users click a “skip intro” button for a number of their shows including House of Cards, Friends and BoJack Horseman.

We see BoJacks’ mother and Bear, who was a caretaker for Herb Kazzaz, and we also see BoJack’s grandpa on a picture on the floor. Also Bear is a joke in itself. He’s a carebear because he takes care of BoJack’s mother.

Here we see BoJack’s alleged daughter as well as his mother again.

Here we see Jessica Biel who’s been the butt of a number of jokes as well as plays an important part in one particular episode.

This is a dark observation. Did you notice the motif of lemons and cream in episode 11, “Time’s Arrow”?

  • Beatrice’s mother told her that ice cream was for boys and that sugar and lemons were more suitable for girls.
  • When she visits BoJack to deliver the portrait, BoJack’s refrigerator is full of lemons and sugar.
  • Her date at her debut is Corbin Creamerman. She could have married him, but she wound up with Butterscotch instead.
  • When BoJack leaves her at the run-down nursing home, he tells her they are in Michigan, eating vanilla ice cream. Lost in her reverie, she says, “Oh BoJack, it’s so delicious.”

This leads me to believe that cream is the life she could have had, but life gave her lemons instead.

Starting in episode 6, “Stupid Piece of Shit” we go inside the mind of BoJack Horseman. This part hit hard. Just because BoJack is making changes in his life doesn’t mean his depression and anger isn’t a daily struggle he must wrestle with.

One of the dangers of depression is the fallacy that every feels the same way and that they’re all just better at hiding it. You feel broken because you should be able to handle the dialogue–everyone else can, after all.

But the truth is that everyone does struggle sometimes, but it DOES go away. BoJack just doesn’t believe that because he’s struggled for so long without any form of treatment or help.

BoJack may be a cartoon but it has layers.

Now for something lighter.

BoJack’s imaginary daughter in season one is named Harper, which is the name of the town of the summer house in Michigan!

Beatrice calls BoJack, “A waste of my husband’s jism” not because he’s her son, but because she thinks he’s Henrietta, whom Butterscotch impregnated.

Honestly, there are very few happy moments this season. BoJack might have been smiling a bit more but it sure wasn’t an easy season to sit through.

Episode 4, “Commence Fracking” felt like an episode of How I Met Your Mother, and was driven home by BoJack asking, “Who am I, Josh Radnor? Gosh, do people forget so quickly”.

Here’s a funny gem!

Here’s a look at Butterscotch’s book that seems to be a parody of the Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

Peanut Butter’s signs keep getting better and better.

Season 4 is the first season not to have esteemed character actress Margo Martindale… BUT perhaps she is in season 4 and she simply disappeared into the role.

That little baby from season 1 has grown up since we last saw her.

This shows attention to detail is outstanding.

When BoJack answers his cell phone at the end on the show from Hollyhock his ringtone has changed from the theme of “Horsing Around” to a standard ringtone.

Diane’s divorce was foreshadowed from way back in season 1!

Ok this ones a stretch. BUT! Does that Anteater not look like Arthur and the person next to him looks like Buster. Now, I know Arthur is an aardvark but they do look similar….

I love this little gag. The guide dog looks to be drinking a soda with his blind friend because he’s on the job! HA!

Few observations in this picture. Emily finally got her fancy hat. That guy with the moustache was the sound guy on Secretariat, and girl on the far left passed out when she got Andrew Garfield’s autograph.

The Zebra and Cheetah from episode 9 get married and divorced in a matter of hours.

That’s all I got for now, but I’m going do a rewatch this week and hopefully catch some more!

Finally, if you ever want to convince a friend to watch BoJack Horseman just show them this picture.

Let me know what I missed on Twitter @brockmclaughlin or in the comments below! Also Netflix, can we get a commentary track for this show please?!

Thanks to /reddit for helping with some of these!

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