Dunkirk: A Cinematic Masterpiece

dunkirk review

Within about five minutes of watching Dunkirk on an IMAX Digital screen (no 70mm screening, unfortunately), I knew I was in for something incredibly special. Dunkirk is an incredible achievement for filmmaking and will be nominated for a handful of Oscars come next year. Dunkirk is an intense and visceral experience that will have you on the edge of your seat for 106 minutes forgetting to breathe.

Dunkirk is really that good.

I wasn’t even excited for the movie. Christopher Nolan’s last few movies haven’t been my cup of tea and I’m not a big war movie fan. But this is no ordinary war film. This is up there with Apocolypse Now and Full Metal Jacket. I’m surprised this movie wasn’t saved for the fall as it’s not your standard popcorn-friendly movie. It’s a dark, nerve-shredding masterpiece.

Here’s what I liked:

Hans Zimmer’s score and the sound design are top notch. Han’s score bubbles under the surface always on the edge of exploding. It’s incredibly scary and very effective.

The cinematography is in a league of its own. Watch this on the biggest screen possible. Here’s a handy guide to help:

dunkirk vieiwing guide

This is peak Christopher Nolan. He doesn’t fall into overused military movie tropes and when the story is broken down it’s incredibly simple but effective.

1500 extras were brought to set, he used real Spitfires, warships, and explosions instead of opting for CGI. The world he created looks and feels real. There’s hardly any memorable (or audible) lines. Dunkirk relies on its visuals and musical score that will leave you shocked and breathless.

The incredible cast of fresh faces. Other than Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy the movie is largely made up of unknowns or new actors (Harry Styles) which makes the movie feel even more realistic.

 I can’t wait to see some behind the scenes footage from Dunkirk in the coming months. I am longing to see how shots conceived on storyboard were brought to life. The underwater footage is absolutely mind blowing. Props to the crew who probably had to endure less than ideal conditions to achieve each shot. Very few films make you feel like you are right there beside the actors fearing for your life but Dunkirk does the impossible.

I’d love to see what Christopher Nolan could do with a horror film after this. His own Aliens franchise.

I’d highly recommend Dunkirk. In a summer full of mediocre movies Dunkirk rises above and blows the competition away.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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