Dream Daddy: Review. Does it make me #BrockHard for Daddy?

dream daddy

Dream Daddy, a dad dating simulator game featuring seven dateable dads with accompanying romance arcs, told in a fun visual novel style that’s full of heart and a few minor grievances.

Since playing Dream Daddy I’ve listened to the My Chemical Romance discography 3 times in the last 24 hours. You’ve been warned.

Dream Daddy is a dad dating simulator much like a visual novel or a choose-your-own-adventure game. The game was developed by the Game Grumps and was written by Vernon Shaw and Leighton Gray. It also probably has the most amount of My Chemical Romance jokes ever told in a game and also features fellow Torontonians PUP.

It’s an incredibly fun but short game with a wicked soundtrack and hit me right in the feels.

Players start the game with your daughter Amanda waking you up on the morning of your move across town. From there, you create your “dadsona” – your avatar – and then it’s off to meet some hot mysterious dads.

The dad creator is quite deep and allows for some great customization. Players can choose from a variety of different dad boys, athletic, thin, fat, ect. You can choose skin tone, pick out makeup, have a bear body, rock some piercings, and style your hair any which way you choose. I spent a good thirty minutes perfecting my Hunter S. Thompson Meets Goku daddy.

Once moved into your new house it’s time to meet the other dads in the neighborhood who are all eager to meet you. You have your pick of seven different daddies, all of whom are single but one. Once you interact with each of them on their own you’ll have to meet them again in a group setting before the game really opens up. You’ll be able to ask other dads on dates via the in game Dadbook, which is basically a mix of Grinder and Facebook for dads in the hood.

I would have liked some deeper dialogue trees and branching story options but did enjoy my time getting to know the characters. Some of them bring up some great points about youth and immortality. This isn’t a game I want to play forever and I did enjoy the length but others looking for a longer experience might be left disappointed.

The seven other dads you meet are all incredibly different and fun. You have a bad dad, a bear dad, and even a goth dad who reads sexy Naruto fanfiction. Unfortunately, there is no leather daddy. Tobias Funke we need you!

Note for those who wanna see these dads get it on I’m sorry to say the screen fades to black. It’s pretty tame but the hot and heavy dialogue makes up for that.

One of the best additions to the game is the interactions you have with your daughter Amanda in the game. She’s leaving for college in the fall and it leads to many heart-to-hearts and helping her resolving her issues at school. It’s an incredible touching storyline that you wouldn’t expect. She wants to see you happy and dating new men while you want to see her happy and spend as much time with her as you can before she leaves for school.

The game is also sprinkled with mini games that range from fun (The PUP Concert) to the frustrating (Mini Golf). They are sporadic and a welcome addition to the game.

Dream Daddy was a whole lot of fun and I loved my time with it. It’s got tons of dad puns, My Chemical Romance jokes, interesting characters, and heart. So much heart. I don’t like that my dad liked Ska and would have liked some more choices, especially regarding my character’s backstory. If  I was to nitpick I’d say it would be nice if you could gender swap your kid as well.

Dream Daddy is available now on Steam.

I give it 4 out 5 Brock Daddies.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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