Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today Is Coming To Switch

Dead Synchronicity

Upon seeing the art for Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today in my inbox I knew I wanted to play this game. It looks like a mix of Samurai Jack and Curse Of Monkey Island.

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today comes from Fictiorama Studios and is published by BadLand Games. The game has been released already for Steam (where it’s sitting at 9/10), PlayStation 4, IOS and Android. No release date for the Switch has been announced but I’m amped to play it.

The game is set in a dystopian future, and promises an atmospheric and dark storyline that looks like a German Expressionism-inspired 2D art style and plenty of witty dialogue that should please adventure fans.

Dead Synchronicity tells the story of Michael, a man with no past who must recover his identity and decode the two events that brought the world to the edge of collapse. The first is the so-called “Great Wave,” an inexplicable chain of natural disasters. The second is a pandemic that has turned humans into “the Dissolved,” infected beings with special cognitive powers whose sick bodies will eventually dissolve into blood. If Michael doesn’t hurry, he won’t be able to avoid the impending moment of “dead synchronicity” … when time itself starts to dissolve.

Check out the trailer below:

I do not know what the fuck is going on but I sure do like it! It’s also Tim Schafer approved.

Main Features:

•    Revel in stunning 2D graphics that pay homage to German Expressionism.
•    Solve puzzles to move the story forward and unravel a horrific sci-fi plot.
•    Immerse yourself in a bloodstained world filled with dread.
•    Pays homage to ‘90s classic adventure games, with a control twist and modern mechanics, making the game appealing to both young and old-school gamers.
•    Explore the world with old school “free-roaming” gameplay.
•    Play with English or German voiceovers accompanied by an atmospheric score by indie rock band Kovalski.
I hope to have a review up once it goes live on the Switch. Stay tuned for more details!
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