Dead Rising 4 Review

Dead Rising 4 Review

I wanted to like Dead Rising 4, I really did. As a huge fan of the first and second game, I was very excited to return to the shittiest town in America, Willamette with Frank West. But my excitement quickly dwindled as I slogged my way through the game.

Here’s what I thought.


The Goods

Good variety of weapons

Fun costumes

Amazing soundtrack

The holiday vibe is pretty cool and does make for a good game to play around the holidays

The Bad


Repetitive missions

Difficulty, the game is extremely easy with no option to fix it

If you’re like me, I don’t like anything Christmasy outside December, making it very unlikely I’ll return to play come January.

Sub-par voice acting

Killing hordes of zombies gets boring fast

No timer

Short main story

Here’s hoping Capcom Vancouver listens to the complaints and provides the option for such things as difficulty and a timer next time around. I would have probably liked this game a lot more had it A) Not played up the nostalgia factor of the first B) Not been called Dead Rising. If this was a new IP I wouldn’t be so harsh because as a zombie killing game it’s not half bad.

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Dead Rising 4 was reviewed using a pre-release “retail” downloadable copy provided by Xbox Canada, and was played on an Xbox One S console.

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Brock McLaughlin

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