DC Changes Logo. Keeps Zack Snyder.

DC Entertainment has announced “a new identity and logo for its iconic DC brand.” The new DC logo, like most everything these days, is simple and streamlined and will probably fair better on the Internet than the recent Instagram change. Personally, it’s a tad basic for me. I love the classic bullet-style 1976 logo.

The logo was designed by Pentagram, who have developed identities for Citibank, Sam Labs,United Airlines and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as worked on movie and television branding from Warner Bros’ Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them to the 40th Season ofSaturday Night Live.

The branding will be on all DC media across all platforms, which includes television shows and movies. Yes, that’s right even the new relaunch of the DC Cinematic Universe will already have an inconsistency with the opening studio logo. I assume by the time Batman V Superman comes out on Blu-ray it will feature the new logo. Kind of odd they made the change now.

It will be first seen on the big screen this summer for the much anticipated, Suicide Squad.

The new logo will debut on the cover of the highly-anticipated DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH SPECIAL #1 comic book written by Geoff Johns releasing May 25 and available in comic book shops and digitally. REBIRTH represents the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the DC Universe, mixing traditional values and a modern aesthetic.

I’m glad the logo has changed, I wasn’t a fan of the 2012 logo at all, it looked like someone peeling a sticker, but I’d rather DC change Zack “Murderverse” Snyder and hire some young guns.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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