Day 1 E3 Trailers – Dishonored 2, Prey and more

It’s getting late and I gotta be up early for E3 so here’s a roundup of some trailers that dropped at Day 1 of E3 this afternoon. The more I see from Battlefield One the more excited I get but the trailer of the day goes to Dishonored 2. I can’t wait to get my hands on it November 11th.

Here’s a first look:


Next up we have a better look at Battlefield One’s gameplay.

Oh look, Prey 2… I mean Prey has been officially announced, after three years of waiting. Let’s hope the wait was worth it.

And finally, the trailer for Fe caught my eye. EA original, announced at EA’s E3 press conference today is a new program committed to partnering with small developers creating unique experiences and helping them bring their work to life.

 One of the stars of last year’s EA press conference was Unravel, a indie game with a unique visual style that EA was helping developer Coldwood Interactive bring to consoles. The EA Originals program builds on the success of that project, giving small developers the support needed to bring their quirky little games to a larger market. Studios will get help advertising, developing and marketing their games, with all of the profit from the finished product going back into the developers’ hands.

I need to get my hands on Unravel… maybe that’s what I’ll play as I fall asleep.

Well that’s it from me. See you right here tomorrow morning for all the latest down at E3.

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