Contest: Win The Dark Tower on Blu-Ray and The Complete Dark Tower Book Series!

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With the launch of The Dark Tower on Blu-Ray, I’m giving away a copy of the movie as well as all 8 books in the Dark Tower series.

The Dark Tower movie isn’t your typical book adaptation, instead, the movie is a kind of sequel to the entire book series. It was a ballsy move on Sony’s part but having Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey as the leads were perfect casting and the movie got author Stephen King’s seal of approval.

In order to better understand the film, you should know a little about the books the film is based on. What better time than winter to get comfy and read an incredible book series about Rolan Deschain and his quest for the Dark Tower. The Dark Tower is a building that’s said to link all the worlds in existence together. Rolan is the last living member of an order of knights known as the Gunslingers, who lives in an alternate world known as Mid-World.

Mid-World is magical, in a state of post-apocalyptic ruin, and it looks like the American West. Magic has largely vanished, but there are remnants left behind, as well as some pieces of advanced technology. Roland is chasing after The Man in Black, which is part of his quest to discover the Dark Tower. Along the way, Roland discovers a boy named Jake Chambers, who died in a world like our own. The character is essentially Roland’s spiritual son, and after meeting him in Mid-World, he accompanies him on his quest. The rest of the series is about that quest.

The Dark Tower series is ambitious and sprawling and is one of the best book series of all time. The fourth book, Wizard And Glass is one of my favorite books of all time. And now I want you to take home all the magic. Entering is easy and will take you a lot less time than reading this massive series.

I’m going be re-reading them myself this winter and I can’t wait. If you like epic fantasy, horror, and science fiction these books are a must-read. It’s a series Stephen King considers his magnum opus.

Thanks to Sony Pictures Canada for sending this package to giveaway!

Win The Dark Tower on Blu-Ray and the Entire Book Series!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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  1. Love STEPHEN KING movies but honestly never read this series but am intrigued by them.

    Thanks for the chance

  2. Big fan of the series – have reread it several times and while disappointed with the brevity of the movie – thought the leads did a fantastic job. Is the contest limited to US entries only? I’m in Canada.

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