Conan Exiles Hit Xbox One August 16th

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I’ve been waiting to play Conan Exiles on my Xbox One for what feels like years now. It finally has a release date that might have slipped by you during E3. Conan Exiles will be out on August 16th, 2017 on the Xbox One.

Also on the same day developer, Funcom will be releasing a free expansion for both the Xbox One and PC versions. On top of that, it’s been announced that a 4K update will be coming for the Xbox One X.

Since January 31st, 2017 PC players have been learning what it means to be thrown naked into a bare land and forced to survive under the open sky. The survival game sold over half a million copies in its first month on PC so you can expect a big audience on home console.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

“By releasing the free expansion update on PC and Xbox One simultaneously with the Xbox One Game Preview launch, we will provide players on both platforms with a new and fresh experience that expands the world of Conan Exiles by roughly 50% and comes complete with entirely new environments, monsters, buildings, game features, and more,” says Funcom Head of Games Lawrence Poe. “As the game is still in Early Access, everyone who has already bought or decides to buy the game while it’s still in development will get access to this massive update at no extra charge.” 

I’m very excited to get my hands on Conan Exiles this summer. The ability to build anything from small homes to entire cities, while exploring a massive open world, and teaming up with friends to brutally take down mammoths has me Brock Hard.

See you in the wilderness this August!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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