Celebrate Xbox Games with Gold Turning 3 with June’s Free Games

In June, Games with Gold is having its third birthday and in those three years Xbox has really delivered on free quality content. June might be the best month yet with the addition of Goat Simulator (You’ve probably seen kids play it on YouTube) and The Crew for Xbox One and Super Meat Boy (One of my favorite games of all time) and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Thanks to Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility you will be able to play all four games on your Xbox One.

June’s diverse lineup of Xbox One games will be led by Goat Simulator – available June 1 to 30 – showing off next-gen goat simulation technology as gamers crash through the world as a goat, do some epic tongue grabs and rack up points for destroying everything they see. Shifting gears to some fast-paced motor action, The Crew – available June 16 to July 15 – offers a revolutionary, action-driving open-world game with a richly detailed recreation of the United States. On Xbox 360 and Xbox One with Backward Compatibility, Super Meat Boy – available June 1 to 15 – will test gamers’ platforming skills with over 300 levels, epic boss fights and tons of unlockable secrets, while XCOM Enemy Unknown – available June 16 to 30 – will offer the complete turn-based strategy package in a sci-fi experience featuring custom-equipped troops and countless upgrades.

Also, if you haven’t seen Indie Game: The Movie you should really check it out. It gives you a behind the scenes look at the making of Super Meat Boy, Fez and Braid. It was also made by fellow Canadians.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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