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It’s triple threat Nintendo Thursday on the blog today! If those Nintendo Switch stats weren’t enough here’s some Canadian data for you.

The Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console in Canada in 2017! This blows me away for a few reasons. PlayStation has released some incredible games this year, dropped their price for a console to an all-time low and the Switch has been in short supply.

Super Mario Odyssey had the strongest launch day sales of any Super Mario game in Nintendo of Canada LTD. history. Wow. This means it surpassed the incredibly popular New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii which sold over 1.3 million copies around the globe its first week.

Super Mario Odyssey is the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch title ever, selling more copies in its launch weekend than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is the #1 selling game this year to date. Zelda will probably go down as my favorite game of the year, but Mario isn’t far behind.

73% of all gaming hardware sold in September was a Nintendo product.

And finally, a huge congratulation to Nintendo on this one. Nintendo is the #1 game publisher in Canada in 2017.

Check out my review on Mario Odyssey right here and then go out and treat yourself to a Nintendo Switch!

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Brock McLaughlin

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