Can Destiny 2 Possibly Live Up To The Hype?

destiny 2

The Destiny 2 reveal was last week, with a packed audience on Twitch of over 500,000 viewers sitting patiently waiting for the Bungie countdown timer to finish. What were myself and my fellow Guardians greeted with as Bungie unveiled their next game?

At face value it seems to be a by the numbers sequel… more first person action and much more loot.  New subclasses for your favourite Hunter, Warlock and Titan and of course there is a new dark threat lurking in our solar system, trying to eradicate us from existence.  But that only paints half of the picture as to what we can expect on September 9th 2017.

Destiny is more than just a new IP – not only had the game sold over 25 million copies by the end of 2015 alone, but it’s certainly a way of life for many people (or Guardians) out there.  I am one of those Guardians that has frequently found myself returning to Destiny every time a new Raid has been released or a new secret like the Black Spindle mission, and every time I do my friends follow suit.

The community that Bungie has nurtured in these first 3+ years has become a staple of the gaming community in general. There are of course areas of the community that aren’t always friendly, but for every bad interaction you may have in the world of Destiny 10 more good interactions are to be had.

In a community so large and involved in game development as the Destiny community is, how will Bungie excite these players with a new game whilst also tailoring it to new players who haven’t played the original yet? That is the biggest question on my mind.

One of the new ways is through the integrated clan system and guided games feature which to me, having not played Destiny 2 yet, sound like an in-game LFG system.  This is an exciting prospect, as in Destiny 1 during Raids or Nightfalls you were never able to matchmake, which Bungie have said numerous times was because they wanted people to build relationships with others and not just have to play with a random set of people.  I hope that guided games will lead to Guardians being able to join Clans (communities) more easily so that every player will have the opportunity to partake in Destiny 2’s endgame content.

And another area that Destiny was severely lacking in? Content.  In the last week I have come back again to Destiny fuelled by some sort of madness and hype for Destiny 2 and still, even with the amount of content added to the game in the last 3 years through updates and expansions, I am left without much to do.

In a swift morning I can clear each Raid and Nightfall on one character – maybe I am asking for too much but I am hoping that Destiny 2, with its promise of more content, will deliver this time around from the launch.

The adventures and Lost Sectors that were talked about in the event sound intriguing and I hope that this means there will be much more than just Nightfalls and Raids as endgame PVE content.  Mainly because this all leads back to the one thing I haven’t spoken about yet, and why I am so damn excited about Destiny 2.  The feel of playing Destiny.

Nothing this generation and maybe even before has felt as good to play as Destiny 1 does.  Even now, returning maybe 4 months after my last outing into a Destiny Raid, has anything come close to matching up to the outstanding gameplay that Destiny offers.  I have always thought the minute to minute gameplay of Destiny was its biggest draw and that the world and story came second. I hope that Bungie, having already got the template for an incredible game this time round, can capitalize more on the story beats and multiplayer to create something that could define this console generation.  I truly believe the next year and beyond will be all about Destiny 2 and the growing community it has garnered, if (and it’s a very big if) Bungie can fulfill all the promises it has made.

See you on September 9th, Guardians!

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