What To Buy In The Xbox Backwards Compatibility Sale


The Xbox Backwards Compatibility sale on right now is worth dropping your hard-earned cheddar on. Almost 300 games from the Xbox 360 glory days are on sale for cheap! Like starting at $1.50 cheap.

The best thing is all these games work on the Xbox One. May and June are pretty slow for new titles so why not finish off some golden oldies?

With so many titles to choose from, I’ve picked out some of my favs.

Orange Box

It’s like 5 games in one! Half-Life 2 is a must have and it’s worth playing again to get ready for the 3rd one. E3 is around the corner……

Portal 2

Come on it’s Portal!

Red Dead Redemption

You should already own this game partner.

Borderlands 1 & 2


Earthworm Jim HD

A beautiful remake of an amazing game. I’ll take a new Earthworm Jim platformer please!

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Been chipping away again at this game and it holds up. Just as fun as it was the first time around.

BioShock 1 & 2

Doesn’t get much better than these two shooters.

Skate 3

One of the best skateboarding games ever.

BattleBlock Theater 

Awesome local co-op and a hilarious narrator.


Way better than the awful Ghostbusters kinda reboot. Was written by Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd.

Dragon’s Lair

It hasn’t aged well but its part of gaming history and I still have the hots for the princess.

Doom (Original)

It’s the original Doom for under 3 bucks. Go kill some demons!

Toy Story 3

Don’t @ me. I love this game.


The closet Xbox owners will get to Persona anytime soon. A super weird puzzle game that can be extremely frustrating but very fun.

Fable 2

Skip Fable 3 and relive one of the best RPGS on the Xbox. Would love to see a remastered trilogy one day.

Shadow of the Damned

Fantastic action horror game with a great art style and soundtrack.

Alice: Madness Returns

Two games in one! The first one is pretty dated but it’s a neat game.


Old school vibes with a new school attitude.

Blue Dragon

It’s one of the best RPGs out there.

Lost Odyssey

Another RPG to sink your teeth into all summer long.


A Diable type game with a really cool art style.

These discounts are only offered to Xbox Live Gold Members of course and last until May 22nd. Now Xbox can we get a f’ing Cart and Wishlist feature please!

What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter @brockmclaughlin!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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