Bury Me In The New UNIQLO X Nintendo Clothing Line


Bury me in the new Nintendo line from UNIQLO dear readers because these clothes are HOT.

I fanboyed over the Nintendo X Vans line last summer (Check out the UnBrocxing here) and now want to get my hands on the new Nintendo X UNIQLO line coming May 19th.

Each one of these t-shirts was designed by fans and the overall winners – judged by Shigeru Miyamoto (OMG) – were awarded prizes like cold hard cash and signed Switch consoles. Rad!

You can tell these shirts were made by loving fans. They remind me of the fan artwork you’d see in the backs of Nintendo Powers in the 90s. They are simply gorgeous.

The grand prize winner was a red shirt with a giant Mario on it which is fine but it’s certainly not my favorite.

Hopefully UNIQLO stocks a lot of these shirts cause I’m going shopping! Here’s all the details.ย There is no confirmed pricing yet but it sounds like the shirts will be around $14.90 USD Men/Women and $9.90 USD for Kids.*

*Pricing has been confirmed at $19.90 for Men and Women items, $14.90 for Kids. NICE!

And of course, my top picks:

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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