The Best Joke You Probably Missed In Thor: Ragnarok


I loved Thor: Ragnarok. It ruled so hard. I can’t wait to see it another 700 times once it lands on Blu-Ray. But there’s one joke that took me a while to get. Long after the credits rolled. It came to me last night as I sat down and thought about the movie and the characters that were introduced.

Spoilers below:

It’s a joke that took nearly two hours to pay off. And it all starts with Korg.

Korg is played by director Taika Waititi, a man I will literally have to google everytime I try and spell his name.

Our heroes meet the rock monster Korg, who tells them he won’t harm them unless you are scissors.

At the end of the movie Korg accidentally “kills” poor Meik.

Meik’s weapons were two blades.

Rock crushes scissors.

HA! But the joke doesn’t end there.

Korg tells Thor that the reason he is stuck in the arena is because he failed at instituting a revolution on his home planet. His reasoning. He didn’t distribute enough pamphlets.

His weakness was paper.

mind blown

A Rock Paper Scissor joke for the win!

thor yes

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