Most Anticipated Games of 2017 And Beyond


Looking back over my list of games I was most excited for in 2016 very few of them ever actually came out. I did get a chance to play a number of them in demo form and can confirm they are real.

It’s a very exciting year to be a gamer and if even half of these come out this year we’re in for a real treat and a huge dent in our wallet.

Let me know the games you’re really excited for that I forgot. I’m sorry I tried to pick every game out there I’m excited for but some are going slip through the cracks. I’m always curious to learn more about indies I might have missed. If it wasn’t for you guys I would have missed out on gems like Oxenfree and Who’s Your Daddy.

Now enjoy!

Sure Things

NieR: Automata (Platinum Games; PS4/PC)

The original Nier is a cult classic thanks to its distinctly sorrowful take on a post-apocalyptic future. The clunky combat sequence has been fixed thanks to Platinum Games and I’m eager to give it a go. The animation look gorgeous.

Release: March 7

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Ubisoft; PC/PS4/Xbox One)

South Park: The Stick of Truth was not only genuinely funny it was a really good role-playing game. I’m excited to see what Matt Stone and Trey Parker have up their sleeves for the sequel. Fingers crossed for multiple endings so I can justify playing it more than once.

Release: TBD (It can’t come soon enough)

Horizon: Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games, PS4)

I’m not letting my expectations get the best of me on this game, and that February release date is real soon. Barring no delays, you’ll be able to fight robot dinosaurs as nomadic hunter Aloy in beautiful 4K HDR.

Release: February 28

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo, Wii U, Switch)

The fans have been waiting on this new Zelda game for what feels like it years and it looks like it will finally come out in 2017. This is a very different Zelda game than we are used too. There’s an open world, a full physics engine and a surival element. Link will have to find food, items and weapons to survive in Hyrule and rescue the princess. Hopefully I’ll be able to try Zelda in the coming weeks at a Switch event here in Toronto.

Release: March

Little Nightmares (Tarsier Studios, PC/Ps4/Xbox One)

I hate saying it looks “Tim Burton inspired” because I don’t really like Tim Burton but Little Nightmares sure looks like it was taken from the mind of Timmy boy. Little Nightmares is a puzzle platformer set in some kind of horrible world. It’s from the team that brought us Tearway Unfolded, so it has my full attention. Could this be 2017’s Inside?

Release: TBD

Mass Effect: Andromeda (EA/Bioware; PS4/Xbox One/PC)

NEW MASS EFFECT! Set 600 years after Mass Effect 3 with a brand new cast of characters and worlds to explore. I can’t wait to get my grubby little Doritos covered hands all over this game.

Release: March 31

Night in the Woods (Finji; PC/Mac/PS4)

Night in the Woods is a side-scrolling adventure that is drawing inspiration from Twin Peaks, Gilmore Girls, and childhood picture books. Also, it features animals in clothes so I can’t resist.

Release: TBD

Overland (Finji; PC/Mac)

Aliens. Turn-Based combat. Post-apocalyptic. Sold!

Release: TBD

Knights and Bikes (Foam Sword, PC, PS4)

Rex Crowle and Moo Yu who both worked on Little Big Planet created and successfully funded this Kickstarter last year. Knights and Bikes looks like a cross between The Goonies and Earthbound. I’m so fucking in. I love the artwork I’ve seen so far and will be picking this up day 1.

Release: TBD

Tacoma (Fullbright Company; Xbox One/Mac/PC)

I thought Fullbright Company’s Gone Home was a tad overrated but the games mystery did keep me playing, that’s not to say I’m not interested in what they have coming out next. Not much is known about Tacoma but it has Taco in the name so that’s a good sign. Who doesn’t love tacos?

Release: TBD

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (Naughty Dog; PS4)

More Uncharted!!!!! How did we get so blessed? This time around you take control of ruthless treasure hunter (and Nathan Drake’s ex), Chloe Frazer, as she teams up with Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4 to track down an ancient Indian artifact.

Release: TBD

Vampyr (Dontnod; PC/PS4/Xbox One)

Vampyr is a serious departure from Dontnod’s last game, Life is Strange, and for that, it has my attention. A vampire tale set in foggy London town just after the First World War, hell yeah! It looks a lot like Dishonored and I want to play it ASAP.

Release: TBD

Injustice 2

I’m not one for fighting games but the story line in Injustice was really damn good. Here’s hoping it keeps it up in the second and I don’t suck too bad as I play other noobs online as Supergirl.

Release: March (Not confirmed)

Crash Bandicoot Remastered Games (Naughty Dog; PS4)

Crash is back! If it’s as good as the Ratchet & Clank remaster then we are in for a real treat. Crash Bandicoot was the first game I ever played on the Playstation and it’s exciting to know a whole new generation of players will be able to fall in love with the insane bandicoot.

Release: February 28 (Not confirmed)

Prey (Arkane; PC/PS4/Xbox One)

Billed as a reboot of the acclaimed 2006 sci-fi shooter, Prey is a first-person adventure set in space and was created behind the team that made the Dishonored titles. Much like the Dishonored games players will be able to approach each situation in numerous different ways, which means I’m going in guns blazing. Die alien scum!

Release: Spring/Summer

Halo Wars 2 (343 Industries; Xbox One/PC)

I could never get into the first Halo Wars, but from the gameplay I’ve seen at #X16 it’s peaked my interest and the controls look very smooth. Also I just want to take out hordes of grunts with the energy sword.

Release: February 21

State Of Decay 2 (Undead Labs; Xbox One/PC)

The original State of Decay had flaws but it really did a good job at the whole survival zombie thing. Many of nights I found myself struggling to keep my band of misfits happy and protected from zombie invasions. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the sequel. I’m hoping for a vast amount of player customization and much more types of zombies.

Release: TBD

Scalebound (Platinum Games; Xbox One/PC)

The Xbox One could really use some more action RPG’s and my fingers are crossed this game plays as half as good as it looks. I get serious Horizon: Zero Dawn vibes from it. Battle of the console exclusives.

Release: TBD

Outlast 2 (Red Barrels Studio; PS4/Xbox One/PC/Mac)

The first Outlast scared the beejusus out of me, and I can’t wait to shit my pants while playing the second one. The demo at #X16 was terrifying. Who’s coming over and making sure I’m ok?

Release: 2017

Persona 5 (Atlus; PS4)


Release: April (Happy Birthday to me)

Friday the 13th (Gun Media; PS4/Xbox One/PC)

I’m ok that this game keeps getting delayed only because it looks like it’s getting better and better. What started as a simple hide ‘n’ seek concept has turned into a full featured game full of blood soaked goodies. I can’t wait to terrorize some half dressed campers this October.

Release: 2017

Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar; PS4/Xbox One)

If the only thing I dislike about Red Dead Redemption 2 is the name then we’re in for a real treat. It will be interesting to see how big of emphasis developer Rockstar puts on the online multiplayer this time around. I’ve always wanted to own my own saloon in the wild wild west.

Release: Fall 2017

Crackdown 3 (Reagant; Xbox One/PC)

People love blowing shit up and that’s what made the first Crackdown so fun. Crackdown 3 promises to feature the most authentically destructible environments ever seen in a game, thanks to a cutting-edge cloud-based physics engine. Yee-Haw!

Release: TBD

Cuphead (Studio MHDR; PC/Xbox One)

Every time I think about Cuphead a happy tear runs down my face and I wonder how much longer I’m going have to wait. This is probably my most anticipated game of 2017 next to South Park. I played it for 30 minutes at #X16 last year and I can honestly say it’s good, it’s really good. The wait will certainly be worth the wait. I can’t wait to bump that 1930’s jazz soundtrack all day, erryday.

Release: Mid-2017

Destiny 2 (Bungie; PS4/Xbox One/PC)

As far as I know literally nothing is known about Destiny 2 but you can expect to see it have a huge presence at E3 this year. Here’s hoping we get a major story overhaul and a solid narrative. I haven’t played Destiny since it came out but did enjoy the combat at the time. I’ve wanted to get back in but I can’t bring myself to quit Titanfall 2.

Release: TBD (I actually think this will come out in 2017)

Guardians of the Galaxy (Telltale; PC/PS4/Xbox One/IOS/Android)

Very little information has been given about the game, but it’s presumed to take place between the first and second Guardians of the Galaxy movie. If this is the case, how much will our choices really matter? I’m hoping for a totally different adventure like the recent Batman series if TellTale can stick the ending this time around.

Release: Spring/Summer

Below (Capybara; Xbox One/PC)

The latest project from Toronto-based studio Capybara, Below is an overhead-view adventure game, where players explore a mysterious island riddled with caves. This game was expected to come out last summer, but it disappeared off the calendar. Here’s hoping we can get our hands on it in 2017 because it looks mighty interesting.

Release: TBD

Yooka-Laylee (Playtonic; PC/Mac/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch)

It’s like Banjo-Kazooie but you know it’s a lizard and a bat. After the excellent Ratchet & Clank remaster last year I’ve been clamoring for a new platformer. I hope Yooka-Laylee scratches that itch.

Release: March

Gravity Rush 2 (SIE Japan Studio/Project Siren; PS4)

I’ve actually just finished playing this game and will have a review up on January 10th, but you should be excited. Really excited.

Release: January 18

Home Free (Kevin Cancienne; PC/PS4)

You play as a dog. A DOG! My favorite animal on Planet Earth. Home Free is a successful Kickstarter campaign that lets you roam an open-world in a dog survival sim. Poor doggo lost in the big city! You can beg for food, chat up other dogs and explore the procedurally generated environment that changes every time you play.

Release: TBD

Sea of Thieves (Rare; PC/Xbox One)

I have yet to play the Beta for Sea of Thieves yet but it certainly looks interesting. Players board a ship with a handful of other pirates before navigating the high seas battling for booty. It sure looks gorgeous, but I really hope the single player aspect gives the game some extra depth.

Release: TBD

Don’t Hold Your Breath For 2017

Detroit: Become Human

I don’t actually think this game will be released this year but a guy can dream. Heavy Rain is one of the most brilliant and compelling story lines I’ve ever played and I’m really excited to see what French Studio Quantic Dream do next. Just look at how gorgeous this trailer looks.

God of War (Sony Santa Monica; PS4)

Kratos is back in this “soft reboot” and this time he’s bringing his son to fight Norse gods. Little is known but the E3 trailer sure blew everyone away.

Days Gone (Bend Studio; PS4)

Zombies. Why does it always have to be zombies? The trailer looks really damn good, but I won’t get my hopes up yet. It looks like a mix of Dying Light, Last of Us, and State of Decay.

Spider-Man (Insomniac; PS4)

It’s a Spider-Man game that actually looks good. Of course I’m in. I love me some Spidey. I hate that I probably won’t get to play it until 2018. I think it’s going be connected to the new animated Spider-Man movie Sony has in development. If that’s the case then Mile Morales will finally get his time to shine!

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (EA; Xbox One/PS4)

I have a long list of demands for this game but now is not the time. Please get it right this time EA. PLEASE.

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