Air Miles and Marvel Mania Have Brought 16 Micropopz Characters Across Canada

marvel micropopz

Marvel fans assemble! For the next weeks, you can score 1 of 16 Marvel MICROPOPZ characters by using your Air Miles card in Canada at participating locations.

So what’s a Marvel MICROPOPZ?

Marvel Micropopz are collectible little toys with built-in rubber suctioning on the bottom that allows them to stick to almost anything. Now you can recreate scenes from the upcoming Marvel Infinity War in your home. Characters include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Widow, and my favorite of the bunch Thor. The character models resemble their Ultimate versions and not the MCU.

Fans looking to collect these Marvel Micropopz can obtain one character each time they swipe their Air Miles card at a participating location in Canada alongside a $30 purchase. There’s also a special display case you can purchase to house all your minis.

Alongside the Micropopz is a brand new interactive AR app that adds a unique digital experience to the shopping experience. I hate going to the grocery store but with the distraction of the app, I can have a lot more fun.

The app available on both the Android Play store and App store is free to download and allows you to engage with various Marvel characters in real time. Walk around a Sobeys or a Rexall with the app and Marvel characters will jump out at you by pointing your device at a bullseye target. An actual bullseye, not Daredevil’s nemesis Bullseye.

The app not only brings the characters to life, but it also provides a brief overview and description of each character you can collect.

Check out for all the details!

Here’s a look at my completed collection:

My wish for season 2 and if Air Miles and Marvel continue this partnership is that we get some more female characters. Valkryie, Scarlett Witch, Agent Carter, Wasp, Nebula, Gamora… I’m looking at you!
Happy collecting friends.
Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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  1. So we have the whole set and found one extra that there is no record of anywhere in the collection. It is clear blue and my kids think it is Ego. So a total of 17 characters

  2. If anyone has War machine my son would be willing to trade for what ever character you would like. he has doubles and triples of all the other chatcters.

  3. Hello

    I have been collecting the Marvel characters from Sobeys/Air Miles
    I have a found a picture of all the different characters that you can collect. Is there anyway I can see a picture with the names with the actual picture of the collectibles. I want to insert character my I Spy Bags that I am making but I need to make sure the characters and the names are correct. The display case above is great but I just need the names of the characters for each one shown in the display case.

    Please advise if anyone can provide this for me.



  4. Contact me collectors, I have a whole bag (I work for a large corporation that has a ton of leftovers!) and am willing to give ya any ones you’re missing, I have envelopes, just pay for the postage stamp to get it to you from Kingston Ontario.

    1. Hi Crystal

      Oh that would be awesome. I just need to firgure out name of characters. Can I send you a picture of the ones that I have and the ones that I need. I would like to have enough for 10 sets. Please contact me:

      It says there are 16 different characters but I seem to have 17.



    2. Oh my! I am a grandmother who has been collecting the micropopz for my grandson. I still need a few. Five of them to be exact: Black Widow; Rocket Racoon; War Machine; Hawkeye and Vision. My email is I could e-transfer you the cost of shipping. I also have some doubles if it might help others?? (Ant man, Spider-Man; Hulk; Captain America, And Iron Man). I look forward to hearing from you thank you

  5. Would anyone know where or how I could come across the display albums since I’ve been told Saskatoon promo participants never got any? I would like 2 if possible thx

  6. I everyone i missing 3 of those ironman, spiderman and rocket raccon.
    I have a few double : captain america (2)
    Hulk (1) , black widow (4) , thor (2) , red skull (1) and hawk eye (1) .
    Want to exchange ???

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