2017 Might Be The Year I Return to Dungeons & Dragons


After last week’s fantastic episode of iZombie, “Twenty-Sided, Die” which involved Liv eating a Dungeon Master’s brain I’ve been wanting to get back into Dungeons & Dragons.

The last time I played D&D was back in the summer of 2003 on the beaches of the Okanagan. My mom and I were glamping and she encouraged me to get some sun and partake in summer activities as boys do. I didn’t really care for the beach and found the one other kid on the campsite who seemed like a real nerd. My assumptions were right as he introduced me to the world of D&D. I was blown away. Up until that point, my only experience with D&D was Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 which I loved dearly. I also had Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes on the original Xbox but the actual game I had only heard talked about while at the local comic book store buying Magic! The Gathering cards.

I was in love. With the game. Not the boy. Frankly, I don’t remember anything about him, other than he was a few years older than me and was cool enough to teach me the game. That summer I tried playing D&D with my friends back home but they made fun of me and I moved on. I ended up falling in love with Warhammer and would love to play again if my apartment and paycheque allowed it.


I’m not sure which of my friends still play D&D hopefully one of them reading this post but otherwise, I have enough time to find a group of players before Tomb of Annihilation comes out. Slated for a September 19th release, Tomb of Annihilation will have players traversing through jungles full of undead and taking on undead dinosaurs to find a legendary artifact that could quell a curse.

Bloody cool! The game is an expansion to not only D&D but also to the MMORPG game, Neverwinter, which will release on PC first on July 25th. The Xbox and PS4 edition will follow.

Here’s a trailer:

D&D lead designer Mike Mearls described Tomb of Annihilation as “Indiana Jones meets zombies.” The game will be set in Chult, a southern continent in the Forgotten Realms world that is surrounded by volcanoes. It is there in the city of Port Nyanzaru where the locals are suffering from a “death curse.”

Adventure Time creator and D&D super fan Pendleton Ward helped create Tomb of Annihilation. Holy shit!

Count me in!

Side note, why does that one small dinosaur have a muzzle on but the T-Rex does not?

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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