Every Easter Egg, Callback & Sight Gag You Missed In Season 3 of Bojack Horseman

It’s been too hot to go outside here in Toronto so I’ve spent the last few days with a tub of ice cream, in my shorts on my couch binge watching Bojack Horseman. Bojack has become one of the most existential shows of all time and over the last few days I’ve poured over every frame looking for easter eggs, callbacks, sight gags and more. I could go on for days but here are a few notable secrets that you might have missed.

Of course, SPOILERS below.

The donkey lady from S3E09 is still working as a waitress at Elefante in S3E12. I guess the children for vaping campaign wasn’t all that successful.

The girlfriend who leaves Todd in S1E4 is Emily.

Holy shit. It looks like they were high school sweet hearts and stayed together into their 20’s. This makes what Bojack did even more fucked up…..

The very last scene of the series can be seen in a picture from in Bojack’s hotel room in S03E01. Is that why Bojack got so excited at the end?

Arrested Development has always had funny sign throwaway jokes, but Bojack just took the cake. Mr. Peanutbutter is such a supportive spouse. He truly is a good boy.

Sarah Lynn chilling by the TV as she does for every episode up until  S03E11.

She’s no longer there in S03E12….

Also in Sarah Lynn’s very first episode on the show back in season 1 she says, “The only drug I need is Horse”. In S3 she ODs from snorting heroin AKA Bojack Horseman branded heroin.

She also shot a music video in the Planetarium… This is from way back in season 1.

Bojack’s daughter is revealed in S03E12. Earlier in the season Bojack mention’s he has paid for abortions in the past, followed by he very much hopes the money was used for an abortion. Looks like we might know where Season 4 is going.

This foreshadowing also goes deeper. Literally deeper under the sea when in S03E04 Bojack finally becomes a father figure for that seahorse. Bojack has the capacity to care, and possibly raise a child in the future.

Woohoo! Weird Science!

So many goodies here.

Here’s a good callback to season 2. In season 3 we see a flashback of Mr. PB fighting in Starbucks.

In season 2 he warns he doesn’t want to be that couple with Diane.

Times are tough for the Ninja Turtles.

I absolutely loved season 3 of Bojack and it’s time for me to go watch Stranger Things. Let me know what I missed and what you liked in the comments or by Twitter @Brockmclaughlin.

Thanks for reading.

A big thanks to the reddit community for helping me with some of these and verifying I’m not crazy.

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  1. In the first scene of 301, there is a code written on the movie poster at the end of the interviews when BoJack stands up and says “It didn’t suck!”

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